Custom Wine Tour

Customize your Exclusive Hill Country Wine Tour with 830 Elevated


Upon Booking, Winery Selections will be made once our representatives contact you for your preferences. Cust0mers will select ALL the wineries they would like to visit on their tour [Post Booking]. Reservations and tastings fees are included in the prices below.

Our company offers the full menu of wineries available in the Hill Country. We will provide recommendations based on your Wine Pallet and tailor the experience to your taste. 830 Elevated offer’s the LOWEST Base Tour Rates & the widest selection of wineries to choose from in the area. There are a select few wineries we do NOT go to in the area (No Exceptions)

You have the option to replace one of your tastings with any of our local Distilleries (Such as Garrison Brothers Whiskey Distillery) or Altstadt Brewery.

We do not mix groups in our vehicles at the same time – All tours are private. Your tour is geared specifically and only for you. We do not cover the cost of food in our Lunch Options, this only covers the additional time.

IMPORTANT: We are no longer taking reservations for groups smaller than 6 on Saturdays only [If booked, your tour money will be refunded to you]. We do not change our refund policy for Covid or Inclement weather Conditions.

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Please Pick a Date

Specific Customer Snack request are available for a nominal fee. (More Info)

Purchase snacks

Assortment of Meat & Cheese to pair during your Wine Tasting’s. (More Info)

Details to be discussed with your representative after booking **

Dinner Drop off/pick-up (More Info)($80.00)

Morning After (More Info)($65.00)

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    Add Meat & Cheese Tray

    We will provide an assortment tray of meat and cheeses from our Famous Local Meat Market/Deli (Opas or Dutchmans). One tray should feed a party of 4 throughout all the winery tastings.

    Vehicle Snacks/Drinks

    830 Elevated will provide your favorite food/drinks upon request. Our Driver’s will have them waiting in the tour vehicle for you to snack on while in route to your next destination. WHY GO WITHOUT? Customers have ability to add any additional snacks from booking date to day prior to tour.


    Party/Passenger Bus cannot be selected as vehicle preference for parties less that 6.

    Vehicle preference

    Vehicle may not be available for particular booking. Details will be discussed with your tour agent before booking date.

    Morning After

    After a memorable experience with 830 Elevated. Allow us to top off your unforgettable Hill Country Holiday with the options of having Breakfast brought to your doorstep, Breakfast Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Local Destination Pickup/Drop-Off, or more More Touring.

    Dinner Drop off/pick-up

    Elevate your experience by taking the opportunity to freshen up at your accommodations (Post Tour), taken to the restaurant of your choice, and delivered home safely following dinner. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DESIGNATED DRIVER SERVICE. The dinner time limit is 2 hours MAXIMUM. *Parties will be charged our Designated Driver fee after 2 hours*

    Lunch Stop

    Plan for your tour party to kickback and relax whiling eating lunch at any Fredericksburg/Hye/Johnson City restaurant. 830 Elevated will make reservations, order your tour party’s requested lunch, and have your food ready upon arrival. Tasting’s will be scheduled between a 1 hour – 1.5 hour lunch break. The fee does not include the cost of food, only the additional time.

    Winery Lunch

    Add additional time at one of the wineries. Your group will order and eat your lunch during or after your tasting. The fee does NOT cover food, only the additional time.